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European-style qo-3e-2a1

Product Number: 20160418142138033

Specification model: QO-3ETY-2A1

European-style qo-3e-2a1
  • European-style qo-3e-2a1
Product Description

Auchan amorous feelings
Enjoy life, pursue life interest,
Tranquil, romantic, warm, laid-back and fashionable in one,
This is a new experience of auchan style.
European-style exotic style, fashion life,
Make your life new.
Water Bohr auchan style series,
The hustle and bustle of the city,
Gain a moment of natural peace...
Large-caliber hwan spring:
Good support, moderate hardness. Be able to foil the body evenly.
3E coconut dreams:
Zero - formaldehyde, glue-free agent, natural coconut and polyester fiber high temperature. Not easy to deform, air permeability and resistance
Bacteria against mites.
Quality sponge:
Sponge perfect wrap side, delicate fit, prevent mattress to walk bit.
Quality anti-skid net:
High quality anti - skid net solid bed form, maintain sleep health.
Surface material:
High-end knitted fabric