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In the new era, women strive to promote the spirit of yimeng six sisters

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Date: 2017/11/27 15:49:03 Read: 6924 times

On November 25, the central television crew into the water ball bed industry co., LTD. Recording "new river bank Mongolia six sisters spirit", to carry forward the new age women, with an unyielding, arduous pioneering documentary recorded material. Water poll, the chairman of the male mau chardonnay said in an interview: "the national rise and fall, fortunes, we do business to good social responsibility at the same time, actively respond to a nation called on helping poor families, each time to the poor families visit, to help them out of poverty is my most delighted thing."
On the side of the army, we have been holding on for years and will continue to continue on the road of patriotic allegiance." Cease to support and you cease to life ", I always remember a word is "hear the word of the party, to follow the party," we have to live and work in peace and contentment because of army officers and men of selfless dedication, is they defend us to ease the development of the enterprise.
While there are many difficulties in enterprise management, but our enterprise under the concern and support of leaders at all levels and the development of more and more robust, with the development of the enterprise, we will be more for the country to make due contribution for the society! I also hope to carry on the spirit of yimeng six sisters better!