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Water pole bed industry co., LTD. Organize staff to watch the opening ceremony of the party's 19th grand opening

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Date: 2017/10/26 14:18:25 Read: 3674 times

Remember your mission
On October 18 at 9 am, boulder bed linyi city water industry co., LTD., chairman of the male mau chardonnay actively organize employees focus to watch the party's 19 large opening, the first time grasp the content of the report, the party's nineteenth employees for the acquisition of chairman's report, the party's 19 big opening, speculation the speech, the party's policy is getting better and better, their life will be better and better. We have also expressed our efforts to do our job well, to add brick to the lives and needs of our people. Bring better sleep products to thousands of homes. The picture shows the scene.

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