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Natural latex mattress: beautiful water Bohr charm China made

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Date: 2017/9/7 10:00:46 Read: 3821 times

After 18 years, water Bohr USES quality to cast the brand! Water ball is committed to provide customers with scientific sleep solutions, 18 years focus on science and mattress sleep product research and development and production, through the depth of the data accumulated more than 150 users sleep study, established a perfect science and technology system, sleep won 25 national patents, invention in item 2. The product has been awarded the gold award of the 9th China high-tech products and patent products and the 5th China international furniture (north) exhibition science and technology innovation gold award.
Enterprise become shandong province bureau of quality and technical supervision (mattress industry) in shandong province the first company to issue inspection certificate of the enterprise, industry (mattress), only 3.15 famous enterprises, famous quality products (north), the sixth China international furniture exhibition and woodworking machinery exhibition modern bedroom series silver medal, the mattress top ten innovative brand in shandong province, China top 10 brands, the eighth China international furniture fair (Qingdao) the gold medal and other honorary titles. Was rated as China's patent shandong star enterprise in shandong province, shandong famous trademark, consumer satisfaction units, shandong province enterprise technology innovation of enterprises, an enterprise technology center of linyi, the enterprise technology innovation enterprise. The national quality inspection association has been awarded the national quality inspection and stability products, and has been awarded the national quality credit outstanding enterprise and other honors.
Water pol adhering to the "science and art, healthy sleep" product design and development idea, creative will sleep science and aesthetic perfect combination, subversive founded the water ball "science 8 g" mattress design standard and "extrasensory health care" sleep system, created a new standard of Chinese science and art of sleep. It has become a popular brand of innovative mattress brands.

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