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Chinese Style Style [today, you have a Chinese wind? The new blue flowers show you a concave shape!

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Date: 2017/4/10 16:48:59 Read: 3747 times

Now in the fashion world,
The most worthy of the world's top designers to dig
It's the Chinese wind.
The people of the world meet to say hello
Ask each other "are you Chinese today?"
New blue flowers analysis:
The blue flower begins in the tang and song dynasty, and the blue pattern we see is the color of the cobalt mine, which is also the most classic label of blue flowers. Modern blue and white is also retained the most classic blue and white color, match through the pattern, shape, or form, and so on to the transformation and upgrade, let's get rid of the old traditional blue and white, with modern blue and white hollow out fashionable household style.
The wallpaper of the new blue flowers

提到青花,When it comes to blue flowers,
The first thing that comes to mind is the traditional blue and white porcelain,
It is thought that only people who reach a certain age will use it.
In fact, new blue flowers wallpaper
It is very fashionable and trendy on the basis of having Chinese style.

Blue and white paper wallpaper
Combine the elements of cyan and international popular wave point elements,
Look at the form of this wallpaper,
Nearly every dot is a blue and white porcelain plate with different patterns.
This is a very fashionable decoration style.

Blue wallpaper
Blue flowers are the representatives of the Chinese wind.
Blue and blue are the representatives of blue flowers.
No matter how the pattern merges with western culture,
How to update the update,
As long as you use a large area of blue and blue,
We can tell at a glance that this is Chinese style.

New blue flowers home decoration
The new blue flowers we mentioned,
And it's not a complete rejection of the traditional patterns,
It's combination and innovation,
Can also through collocation means, achieve very modern wind effect.

Collocation of traditional blue and white porcelain, in the form of new geometric and floral pattern, abstract adornment picture on the wall is blue and white blue, such collocation is not only very Chinese wind, and the smell of some modern, concise.

The traditional form of blue flower couples with blue flower blue geometric forms of jewelry box, this new and old impact, is very contemporary very fashionable decoration style.

Scented candles are western stuff, but with a small tray of blue and white porcelain, you can boldly shout out "today I Chinese breeze!" This is a fashion statement.

Blue flower blue also can make the adornment of western-style house, this kind of culture and form collide, are the current most popular way.

New blue - flowered fabric sofas
Blue and blue is very fresh and elegant,
The use of cloth is just right.
Whether it's a bed, a curtain, a sofa, a table cloth, etc.
New blue flowers can bring a refreshing, clean and clean feeling.

In addition to the bed, the new blue flowers have been applied to the head of the bed.

Who says cyan can't use children's room? In fact, blue flower blue is reserved, the pattern changes to geometry and fish pattern, match white furniture, the effect also can be very lovely, very fresh.

Blue flower is used in the curtain also very, whether match white furniture, kill blue metope, can let the space very fashionable, quietly elegant.

The tablecloth and sofa cushion that the green flower effect, can highlight the grace and halcyon of environment whole, not the traditional style of traditional blue flower pattern. The new style blue flower collocation is concise decorate the detail that decorates a style.

New blue - flowered cutlery
In addition to the traditional patterns and patterns of Chinese tradition, the dinnerware of the new blue flowers
It also combines many western lines and geometric patterns.
The tableware at first glance is the Chinese wind effect,
Look carefully and there are many new decorative details.

Some new patterns of blue flowers even use the checkerboard pattern.
Some tableware is not only blue and blue, but also Chinese traditional ink point elements, which strengthen the characteristics of Chinese wind.

There are also some designers and artists who combine the cyan elements with the world's popular illustration elements to form a new and new style of blue flowers.

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如传世的青花瓷自顾自美丽As the legendary blue and white porcelain self-care
You have a smile on your face
The golden carp of white and white flowers jump to the bottom of the bowl
I think of you while copying the song
You hid the secret of the millennium
Exquisite like a silk needle fall to the ground