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Happy New Year's day, water pole to wish

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Date: 2016/12/31 15:51:26 Read: 3832 times

Joy lifted the sail,
Good luck in the boat,
Happiness is a slurry,
And the good waves,
The wind was blowing,
Life runs to the shore of happiness,

The linyi city water pole bed industry co., LTD wishes you:
Happy New Year!
The New Year's day draws near, the water Bohr reminds you, don't forget fire prevention, enjoy the Christmas holidays.
1. The social units, especially those in crowded places and public entertainment facilities, should be kept in good condition, and fire and automatic fire-fighting facilities are in an automatic state.
2. Immediately after the fire, the fire extinguishing and emergency evacuation plan should be launched immediately, and the personnel shall immediately evacuate and call 911.
3. It is strictly forbidden to pile debris in the evacuation passage and stairway, and the fire door should remain closed.
4. During the festival, the electricity consumption will increase sharply, and the electric equipment should not be overloaded, and the power will be turned off after use.
5. When gas leaks are found, turn off the gas valve quickly and open the Windows and doors. Do not switch the appliances or make phone calls indoors.
6. Before the festival goes out, please find the fire hazards in your home, remove the indoor balconies and the combustible materials; Turn off the power supply and gas switch; Close the window, guard against outdoor fire and fire.