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The county government leaders at all levels visited the water pole e-commerce operation center to inspect and guide the work

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Date: 2015/6/16 16:14:48 Read: 4227 times

Internet e-commerce has entered a period of rapid development. Data shows that China's e-commerce market is expanding and enterprise applications are deepening. In the next few years, large electric business platform, all kinds of brand electric business, emerging logistics electricity and traditional warehousing enterprises of all kinds enterprise main body, will increase the Internet electric business aspects of planning, brand development, seize the opportunities is very important.
In face of the rapid enhancement, the network shopping fast tracking water waves such as our brand enterprises, after years of research and development and infrastructure, water ball mobile Internet electricity industry chain in the development of brand enterprises have gradually become mature, formed a professional electrical contractor team relocation to the brand development.
On June 16, the leaders of the county government at the county committee of mengyin county also came to the water pole e-commerce operation center and directed inspection work.